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2019-01-07, 20:56
Best Driving Instructor!!!!!

Humphrey is a fantastic Driving Instructor who can always calm you down. He has an excellent teaching manner and approach. His instructions are simple. He prepares you not only to pass your test but how to drive in a confident and safe manner. I want to say a big thank you to Humphrey for helping me. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to pass.

2019-01-07, 20:49
Good Instructor

I did my Driving Lessons with Ultimate Driving School and I will say it's a unique Driving School. My experience with the Instructor is that he's ever willing to teach you to pass your test at the first attempt. He is transparent and well experienced. I recommend him for your driving lessons.

Pastor Gabriel Ogunbiyi.

RCCG Rivers of Living Water
2019-01-07, 20:48
Testimonial for Ultimated Driving School

I am convinced to recommend ULTIMATE DRIVING SCHOOL to all who wished to PASS the Driving Test once and for all with ease. In the UK, there are so many Driving Instructors as there are so many Driving Schools. However, so many Driving Instructors technically know the rules of driving, but cannot pass them down to the learners. ULTIMATE Driving School is really ULTIMATE in their unique, special, punctual, and patient way of teaching & mentoring. I am proud to have benefited from this Ultimate Charisma of Ultimate Driving School. Their price is human oriented hence affordable.

Rev. Fr. Richard O.
2018-11-07, 00:00
Great Instructor

My Instructor was really great and patient. When I started I was really nervous , but with a lot of encouragement I found the courage to get driving with confidence. I would recommend Ultimate Driving school to anyone wanting to to pass

T Choo
2014-10-03, 00:00
Good Driving Instructor

Mr Humphrey is very good at what he does, an excellent Driving Instructor, which I will recommend to anyone who is interested in passing their driving test.

Thank you very much Mr Humphrey

Lara Bamgbose
2014-03-04, 00:00
Today at 9:29am

Yeah I passed my first practical driving test today with 3 minors!!! I'm so chuffed, still hasn't sunk in yet. Many thanks Humphrey for your thorough tutorials. Our driving practice on the test routes contributed immensely to my success today plus your constant pushing and prompting me to be more observant and plan in good time while on the road.

Would definitely recommend Humphrey, many thanks again!

Ify, Woolwich

2010-03-18, 00:00
When Hope is Lost

After three years of learning how to drive on and off with different driving schools with no evidence of progress, I nearly gave up until I took another chance with Ultimate Driving School and I finally passed my test first time with Humphrey. I found him very informative, approachable, patient and firm but fair. He instructed, coached and taught me how to drive confidently and safely. Humphrey is definitely the most professional and punctual driving instructor I have had in three years of taking driving lessons. I highly recommend Ultimate Driving School to all learner drivers and especially to those who have given up or nearly on the brick of given up

2007-09-07, 14:58
Highly Recommended

I would recommend Ultimate Driving school to anyone who wants to pass thier test. I changed from my previuos instructors to Ultimate because a friend of mine who passed her test recommended them. I was told that the instructor was firm but fair. It was the best decision I made as I passed my test at the first time of asking.

2006-06-13, 00:00
Definitely Recommended

I was referred to Mr Humphrey and not disappointed at all. He is very good at building your confidence on the road, sincerely wanting you to pass your test, patient and experienced. For any learner struggling or almost giving up. I recommend Ultimate Driving School.

Thank you very much Mr Humphrey
2005-07-25, 00:00
Learn to Drive

I was previuosly with another overpriced well known Driving School, I had done my test 2 times with them, after I failed the second time, I decided to switch over to Ultimate and Humphrey taught me how to drive properly. He was firm but fair, guess what? I passed under under his instructions.

P Savindra